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The statue of the Omah 
Bigfoot located in the 
heart of Willow Creek.

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Well, what can i say. This is me. Warts and all with my buddy from Willow Creek. He’s been in a few films, although i’ve heard he’s a bit wooden!. My initial intention was to keep my true identity secret. hidden behind my handle of ‘Bigfoot Hunter’. My real name, picture and any other personal info would be as elusive as the creature itself.

But then i thought, what the hell!!!

Now where do i start... i was born and live in Central England and work within the IT dept of a large Automotive Company. Although i was born a Hindu, nowadays, i would regard myself as a ‘born again’ atheist, although i do dabble in a bit of Buddhism (a peaceful way of life i most heartily recommend to others).

My interest in the Bigfoot phenomenon began many years ago. I was about 10 years old when i watched a film called The Legend of Boggy Creek, about a manlike creature terrorising the residents of Fourke, Arkansaw. From that day onwards i was well and truly hooked.

Before the era of the internet the library was my main source of information and i quickly devoured most of the books on the subject. They were always old dusty books with hardback covers in which was placed old library documents which were used as book marks, and were dated to around the 1970’s.

My interest took a back seat while i indulged in the normalities of life such as participating in a bit of studying and gaining an Honours degree in Applied Economics ( Big Surprise) and then later, getting married ( even bigger surprise).

My employment allowed me to indulge in a bit of conspicous consumption and i bought a computer. This was the early 1990’s and my machine had a 386 processor and an amazing 4mb of memory. Fantastic power and speed in those sad early days of geekdom. Nowadays however, that computer would be best utilised as a rather bulky door stop!

The internet provided a whole new plethera of information. I remember regularly visiting the Western bigfoot society website and the Internet Virtual Bigfoot Conference (IVBC), which was a mailing list and behaved more like an early forum (which are common nowadays). I corresponded with the likes of Loren Coleman and Henry Franzoni. However, the IVBC was hijacked many times by the Bigfoot lunatic fringe. I believe Eric Beckford was a major culprit. Its closure was a sad day.

1998 was a key year for a couple of big reasons. It was in February of that year that my Daughter reared her beautiful little head and joined the rather overcrowded club known as the Human race. Weighing in at just over 5 pounds my life would never be the same again. The second reason was that in August of that year, an ambition that had consumed me for more than two thirds of my life was finally becoming a reality thanks to the encouragement of my wife. I would travel to Northern California and in particular, the town of Willow Creek, known as the gateway to Bigfoot country. It culminated in a journey to Bluff Creek. The location of the famous Paterson film.

al Hodgson me
Myself with my  Daughter.
She wants to go on a Bigfoot Hunt.
(Maybe when shes a bit older!!)
Myself with Al Hodgson taken 
in Willow Creek. 
(Sorry about the poor light level).

Click here to read her Bigfoot story

The area around Willow Creek has had more bigfoot sightings than anywhere else in America. Loggers working in Bluff creek would pass through Willow Creek with stories of finding footprints and other experiences. I spoke with many people including Jay Rowland, who had personally seen footprints while working as a logger in Bluff creek in the 1960’s and of course i had to seek out and interview Al Hodgson. Al was a friend Roger Patterson and was one of the first people that Patterson had spoken to when he returned from Bluff Creek in 1967 with the now infamous film footage of a female Bigfoot.

Bluff creek02
The Heart of Bigfoot country.
Bluff Creek, here i come!!

My experiences in Northern California i turned in to a 60 Minute Documentary called ‘The Quest for Bigfoot’.

The last couple of years i had been thinking about a Bigfoot website. A website that would not only inform people but give a fair, balanced assesment of the Bigfoot Sasquatch mystery. And hence two years later here i am, and indeed here you are, reading this.

Hope you find my site informative and please dont forget to sign my guestbook.


Bigfoot_Hunter. 27th August 2006

Update: 23-7-08

My Bigfoot Forum is now online. If you get a chance please share your comments. As it is new, i want to create a family friendly atmosphere. Many Thanks :)



Very Sexy, and i’m not talking about myself!!