We have a bigfoot body – again!

Remember those two individuals who last year, conspired with Tom Biscardi and claimed that they had in their possesion an actual body of a dead Bigfoot. The bigfoot community literally went ape in the hope that this could indeed be the real deal.  The level of interest which was generated around the world  assured that the main protagonists had more than their 15 minutes of fame.

Their press conferance to let the world know of their ‘discovery’ was broadcast live on CNN.  Not surprisingly considering Biscardis involvement,  the whole sordid saga began to unravel itself shortly afterwards  when the ‘body’ was exposed as a monkey costume. Biscardi played the poor victim – again and the saga was soon forgotten and everyone carried on with their lives as before.

The two individuals however, have tried to cash in on their notoriety, with little success. Their website barely gets 300 visitors a month. It seems that everyone else has moved on.

As we approach the first anniversary of the hoax, they are now claiming on their website that they have a body of a dead bigfoot and indeed have a posted a couple of photographs on their website. These are however  just as unconvincing as the first time around.

The whole scheme has clearly been hatched as some kind of publicity stunt but  unfortunately for then the story has not gained any exposure on the various bigfoot sites/forums.This is clearly the  last thing  they wanted.

It is time for them to jump off the bigfoot hoax bandwagaon and rejoin the real world.

If you fancy a laugh head on to www.bigfoottracker.com

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