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Another Bigfoot found – WOW!!

Watch the youtube video to learn about this mans amazing discovery!!!

Still Skeptical? here is the lastest one.

Ok, so i didnt really expect you to take this seriously, in all honesty, this is what the bigfoot world needed after the anger and embarrasment of the Georgia hoax fiasco. The guy is very funny and certainly made me laugh out loud. In fact it made my wife and daughter laugh out loud also!!

For the latest information regarding the Georgia Hoax visit I dont really want to waste any more time on this saga

More info about the Bigfoot hoax saga

Just finished listening to the Squatchdetective radio show. Steve kulls issued a statement regretting the things he said on the program the night before. I think he realised that he embarrased and let down a lot of people. He will mention more details in the next few days and also on his radio show.

Billy Willard also mentioned that he will be cutting all ties with Tom Biscardi and Searchingforbigfoot inc.

Other snippets of information i garnered from the chat lines on their radio blog you may find interesting, but have not been confirmed (to my knowledge), so take the information as is.

1. Whitten claims that Biscardi told him to buy the Costume and that Steve Kull was in on it.

2. The two Georgia boys also claim that Tom Biscardi coached them through all of this.

3. Whitten has been officially fired from his job.

Its Official. It was a hoax after all!!

Over at Tom Biscardis website, Steve kulls aka the sasquatch detective and close personal friend of Biscardi has released part a news release given to Fox news. An extract from the press release is as follows..

 “At that time we contacted Mr. Biscardi who gave us permission to begin an expedited melting process. We set up a salamander heater to heat the freezer. Within one hour we were able to see the partially exposed head, as I was now able to touch it, I was able to feel that it seemed mostly firm, but unusually hollow in one small section. This was yet another ominous sign. Within the next hour of thaw, a break appeared up near the feet area. As the team and I began examining this area near the feet, I observed the foot which looked unnatural, reached in and confirmed it was a rubber foot. “

He continues

“At that point we immediately contacted, Tom Biscardi and advised him of the situation and he began to take action on his end. Later that day, Tom Biscardi informed us that both Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer admitted it was a costume. They reportedly agreed to sign a promissory note and admission of what they had done, and set a meeting in their hotel room in California for 8AM on August 17th, 2008.

At that time I drew up the documents for Mr. Biscardi. On August 17th, 2008 Tom Biscardi went to the hotel where Dyer and Whitton were staying and found that they had left. At this time action is being instigated against the perpetrators of this fraud. Tom Biscardi asked us to contact you, the press, and share all that we have discovered.”

The problem i have with this story is that no criticism is labelled at Biscardi at all. Once again Biscardi will somehow wriggle his way out of this one claiming that he was also the unfortunate victim of the hoax.

I dont think it was coincidence that the first Person apart from the main antogonists to be allowed to view the body was a personal friend of Biscardis who would no doubt expose the hoax ( as planned) and then lay the blame squarely at the feet of the two ‘finders’ of the ‘body’.

Biscardi may not have made have made a fortune off this but certainly he has received a lot of publicity. And as they say ‘any publicity is good publicity’.

Will Teflon Tom wriggle his way out of this one. Only time will tell. but i think he will.
On a lighter note..

It would seem that even CNN are trying to make money off this. They are selling these T-Shirts . Good ole capitalism at work here. Wonder if Teflon Tom will be buying one?

I like it lol!! But wont be buying one. They only do a large size.

And Finally, since this saga first broke last week, i have had in excess of 300,000 hits to my site and many e-mails. But surprisingly not one additional entry on my guestbook. If you are reading this please sign my guestbook. This is very strange and i Hope there is not a probem with the page.

19-08-2008 Bigfoot body hoax RIP.

Evidence that Biscardi is telling the truth….Yeah right!!

 I have had many e-mails from visitors to my site asking where they could see the pictures that Biscardi showed during the press conference pertaining to the head of the ‘creature’ and another one showing a live ‘bigfoot’. Here they are…

These photographs are just as questionable as the bigfoot in the freezer picture.

Biscardi is taking a massive gamble if he has nothing at all. Like they say, the bigger the story, the bigger the fall, and this time he hasnt got a mentally deranged woman to blame.

Bigfoot press conference fuels hoax theory.

The press conference came and went and we are all none the wiser. Biscardi did his usual showmanship act. Self publicising himself at every opportunity. It did show that this has all the hallmarks of a scam and Mr Biscardi is indeed running the proceedings and the other two characters are merely the bit players, going along with the ride hoping they will get some payoff that Biscardi has no doubt promised them.

Earlier Biscardi had said “We’ll release the DNA analysis, and we’ll have the body right next to the two boys…then you can see it’s real, that its not bullshit.”

The DNA threw up nothing ‘surprising’. The body was conspicous by its absence and yes the whole press conference had the aroma of bullshit. Of the variety emanating from Biscardis mouth.

The full press conference can be found here

The top bigfoot websites have also been carefully following the story and keeping a skeptical but interested eye on proceedings. They have a lot of good information regarding the hoax.

Click on the links to read more. The first lady of Bigfoot, Autumn williams’ excellent Bigfoot site Website of my favourite Bigfoot Author. Perhaps the first website to espouse the Hoax theory

Bigfoot body. Big Hoax?

A Hoax exposed?

A Hoax exposed?

After the initial excitement that the two Georgia men may well have captured the body of a dead bigfoot, the tone is now markedly mooted. The BFRO website has described the find as another of Tom Biscardis Hoaxes and lets us know why and how the hoax was perpetrated.

The BFRO have no love for Tom Biscardi. They say he is a man with little credibility, whose aim in life is to make a quick buck. Apparantly he has been caught out before.

The Dead bigfoot in the freezer is they say, a bigfoot costume that one can purchase from a novelty costume shop. The head of the costume does bear a remarkable similarity to the head of the dead bigfoot!

The press conference is approaching ever nearer so if this is a hoax and i believe it is then this begs the question, will the press conference even take place? And what about those DNA samples that were taken?

Soon, one way or the other all will be revealed.

Bigfoot found? Mystery at an end??

Real Bigfoot or a costume?

Real Bigfoot or a costume?

Those two guys over at may well have pulled off the scoop of the century. They say that they have in their possesion ( in their freezer to be exact) a body of a dead BIgfoot. This news has been on their website for the past two weeks. The problem was that not many people took it very seriously and the antics of the two individuals ( read below) further reduced their credibility.

However, Tom Biscardi, a controversial bigfoot investigator for many years has examined the body and has fully endorsed its authenticity.

Mathew Whitton a policemen and his colleague Rick Dyer who made the discovery have organised a press conference for Friday August 15th in Palo Alto, California.

Speaking of this Tom Biscardi says “We’ll release the DNA analysis, and we’ll have the body right next to the two boys…then you can see it’s real, that its not bullshit.”

On his website, Loren Coleman while stopping short of authenticating the claims says that “i feel, in all honesty, this, indeed may be the real deal, and i say this carefully after reviewing information that has been shared privately with me.”

A few tantalising pictures have been released. Guess we’ll have to wait untill tomorrow.

Nazis, Book burning and Bigfoot!

The bigfoot community is a large disparate group of individuals and societies, each with their own views and opinions. As a result there are always disagreements.

During the early days of Bigfoot research when the four ‘horsemen of Sasquatchdom’ reigned supreme, the main points of disagreements was whether a bigfoot should be shot and killed in order to prove that it exists. Grover Krantz felt that only a body would convince the skeptical scientific community whereas Peter Byrne always maintained that bigfoot is more Human than Animal so to shoot one to prove that it exists would be criminal.

Later on, Erik Beckjord argued that bigfoot is a paranormal shape shifting being and poured scorn on those who who believed in a flesh and blood explanation for bigfoot. He became a bit of a nuisance on the various bigfoot forums.

Even today there there is a some animosity towards Matt Moneymaker and his BFRO website.

I personally have always stayed clear of such arguments. I respect other peoples opinions and views, even if i dont agree with them.

However, i came across something on a website i often visit. is a website run by Loren Coleman, and in yesterdays blog he wrote an article about a 10 minute Youtube rant by the two individuals who run a website called In it they hurl abuse at Coleman and BFRO supremo Matt Moneymaker, and indulge in a bit of old fashioned NAzi book burning along the way. Loren Colemans book ‘Bigfoot! The true story of Apes in America’, to be exact.

Loren Coleman is a highly respected author and cryptozoologist. I spoke to him via e-mail many years ago and he was a true gentleman. His book on Tom Slick is one of my favourite reads. So i felt that i had to give my two pennies worth here.

These two individuals appear to disagree with the contents of Lorens book. But rather than write a critical review on their website they produce a 10 minute long diatribe of personal hate. Firstly aimed at Loren and then Matt Moneymaker. I do not know what their problem is with Matt, perhaps anyone reading this can enlighten me.

They go on about how they are the ‘best bigfoot trackers in the world’ in the manner of young school children proclaiming that ‘my dad is betting than your dad’!!

People who are truly good at what they do, do not shout about it from the highest roof top. (unless your a third rate wannabee with delusions of grandeur)

Their reputation has taken a battering as seen by the subsequest entries in their guestbook. Perhaps not what they envisaged.

Think about it, if you wanted someone to investigate a bigfoot sighting, who would you most likely call, a serious focused, respected bigfoot research group or Beavis and Butthead.

 The link to Colemans article and the video can be found here.