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Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009


Like him or loathe him, its always sad when one of the great  icons of the 20th century passes so suddenly in to the history books.

I remember as a teenanger being totally blown away by his Thriller Album and the subsequent John Landis directed video. He truly was the real king of the world.  However, his accentric lifestyle and allegations of child abuse clung to him like a bad rash.

But to devotees he was an exceptional, kind, caring, individual who had changed the face of modern pop forever and in the process enriched their lives.


Bigfoot News stories spanning 170 years

It is a generally thought that the Bigfoot mystery is a recent addition to our mythgology, and that it began with the first showing of the famous Patterson film of a female Bigfoot quickly walking away from the camera. Skeptics are quick to say that the publicity bought about by the film single handedly created the Bigfoot mystery.

This is clearly not the case as i have now amassed a multitude of newspaper reports dating back to 1839. What is interesting however, are the descriptions given of the various sightings a hundred plus years ago. This was before the notion of a Bigfoot had entered the public conciousness.

The term ‘Wildman’ is commonly used in these early reports and as one witness comments , ‘His body was as hairy as that of a bear’.

There is another 19th century newspaper account of an individual convinced that he had seen a Gorilla while out hunting. Someone writes back commenting that he too had seen the ‘critter’ but he ‘walks like a man’.

The various newspaper reports can be seen here

The Flat Earth society. Are they for Real? Yes they are!

For the past few weeks i have been amusing myself by visiting the website of the flat earth society

Initially i assumed that the site was some kind of wind up. I mean, who in this day and age really believes that the world is flat. Well apparantly some people  still do.

The society had several thousand followers prior to the 1950s, but as satellites began beaming photographs of a round earth back to us, the numbers quickly took a nosedive.

The remaining followers were told that the photographs were faked and there was an elaborate Governement/NASA conspiracy at work keeping the truth from us.

This is the mindset that pervades the few souls who still cling on this belief.

Reading through the flat earth forums it soon becomes apparant that no amount of reasoning or proof will convince these people. They have an explanation for everything.

Photographs/Videos are faked. Scientists are part of the conspiracy and only they know the truth. We on the other hand are mindless automotons, willing to accept any thing our Governement throws at us.

A flat earth believer on the forum gave his thoughts on why he believes the world is flat.

“It seems to me that all the pictures of the Earth from space are 2 dimensions, its always seen on a computer screen or paper. It is all 2D Maybe the reason is it is flat. Please brothers what do you think about this.”

You really couldnt make it up !!

For futher info check this out

Peace. BH

Terminator Salvation salivates with Action


Christian Bale having a one to one with his cameraman

When i discovered that Charlies Angels director McG was chosen to helm the fourth film in the Terminator franchise i was highly skeptical. And as the early reviews filtered through the various film forums my skepticism was soon replaced by shock.

The reviews were awful to say the least. Indeed, Harry Knowles the webmaster of the inflential film site  referred to the film as a ‘turd he’d been clenching for two days.’ Popular film site gave the film a 33% rating, meaning that of all the reviews published in the written media only 33% were positive.

So when i went to see the film my expectations were understandably low. Two hours and a bag full of popcorn later i left the cinema feeling rather shocked. Shocked, not because ofthe true awfulness of the film, but  because i thoroughly enjoyed the film and wished to see it again at the earliest opportunity.

The year is 2018 and the war between man and machine is in full swing. Only a few members of the resisitance stand between victory for the machine and the destruction of the human race. Who will prevail? well, its best to watch the film and find out.

Christian Bale, who plays resistance leader John Connor, will certainly not win any awards for his acting. Neither will the writers. Essentially this is an action driven and not  a story driven film and the  action/CGI setpieces certainly carry the film along at a breathneck pace.

So, if you sit back, leave your brain at the door and just go with the flow, you will have a blast.