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Bigfoot found? Mystery at an end??

Real Bigfoot or a costume?

Real Bigfoot or a costume?

Those two guys over at may well have pulled off the scoop of the century. They say that they have in their possesion ( in their freezer to be exact) a body of a dead BIgfoot. This news has been on their website for the past two weeks. The problem was that not many people took it very seriously and the antics of the two individuals ( read below) further reduced their credibility.

However, Tom Biscardi, a controversial bigfoot investigator for many years has examined the body and has fully endorsed its authenticity.

Mathew Whitton a policemen and his colleague Rick Dyer who made the discovery have organised a press conference for Friday August 15th in Palo Alto, California.

Speaking of this Tom Biscardi says “We’ll release the DNA analysis, and we’ll have the body right next to the two boys…then you can see it’s real, that its not bullshit.”

On his website, Loren Coleman while stopping short of authenticating the claims says that “i feel, in all honesty, this, indeed may be the real deal, and i say this carefully after reviewing information that has been shared privately with me.”

A few tantalising pictures have been released. Guess we’ll have to wait untill tomorrow.