Archive | June 1, 2009

Terminator Salvation salivates with Action


Christian Bale having a one to one with his cameraman

When i discovered that Charlies Angels director McG was chosen to helm the fourth film in the Terminator franchise i was highly skeptical. And as the early reviews filtered through the various film forums my skepticism was soon replaced by shock.

The reviews were awful to say the least. Indeed, Harry Knowles the webmaster of the inflential film site  referred to the film as a ‘turd he’d been clenching for two days.’ Popular film site gave the film a 33% rating, meaning that of all the reviews published in the written media only 33% were positive.

So when i went to see the film my expectations were understandably low. Two hours and a bag full of popcorn later i left the cinema feeling rather shocked. Shocked, not because ofthe true awfulness of the film, but  because i thoroughly enjoyed the film and wished to see it again at the earliest opportunity.

The year is 2018 and the war between man and machine is in full swing. Only a few members of the resisitance stand between victory for the machine and the destruction of the human race. Who will prevail? well, its best to watch the film and find out.

Christian Bale, who plays resistance leader John Connor, will certainly not win any awards for his acting. Neither will the writers. Essentially this is an action driven and not  a story driven film and the  action/CGI setpieces certainly carry the film along at a breathneck pace.

So, if you sit back, leave your brain at the door and just go with the flow, you will have a blast.