Archive | July 26, 2009

The Incredible Hulk

The big green man with the anger issues has once again been thrust upon us. The previous effort directed by Ang Lee was criticised for not having enough action and instead concentrating on some psychological Freudian father/son subtext involving the two main stars.

What fans wanted was the Hulk smashing the crap out of everything and everyone.

Thus, ‘Transporter’ Director Louis Letterier was bought in for the next instalment to give the fans what they wanted.

The result is a two hour rollercoaster ride of a film that barely stops to catch its breath.

Playing Banner is the ever dependable Edward Norton with Liv Tyler as the Love Interest.

All the pretext about how Banner managed to become the Hulk is explained during the opening credits. So when the film starts proper its Banner is now in South America working in a bottling factory while the US military who claim ownership of his ‘altered’ Body is trying hard to track him down.

Tim Roth plays Emil Bronsky, a British Born Russian special forces operative who is given a tiny amount of Gamma radiation to enable him to take on the green fugitive.

However, the power it gives him, is not enough and he takes an overdose ,which transforms him in to a huge monstrous creature. Mayhem is caused as the creature runs riot. Can anyone stop him.

Well actually yes, we all know who and the climactic fight scene between the two is exhilarating. When you first see the Hulk he looks decidedly CGI, but as the film progresses, he is as ‘live’ and realistic as his co stars.

Is it worth watching? Put it this way, my wife wanted to watch it again straight after. You cant get a higher recommendation than that.