More info about the Bigfoot hoax saga

Just finished listening to the Squatchdetective radio show. Steve kulls issued a statement regretting the things he said on the program the night before. I think he realised that he embarrased and let down a lot of people. He will mention more details in the next few days and also on his radio show.

Billy Willard also mentioned that he will be cutting all ties with Tom Biscardi and Searchingforbigfoot inc.

Other snippets of information i garnered from the chat lines on their radio blog you may find interesting, but have not been confirmed (to my knowledge), so take the information as is.

1. Whitten claims that Biscardi told him to buy the Costume and that Steve Kull was in on it.

2. The two Georgia boys also claim that Tom Biscardi coached them through all of this.

3. Whitten has been officially fired from his job.

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