Star Trek boldly goes beyond my wildest expectations

startrekJust went to see the new Star Trek film. I was initially skeptical when i discovered that the story centred around the exploits of the young Kirk, Spock and the rest of the legendary crew of the starship Enterprise.  Beverly Hill 90210 set in space quickly came to mind.

How wrong i was. From the opening 10 minutes to the exhilerating finale this is without doubt a masterclass in filmmaking.  Its visionary director JJ Abrams has certainly upped the ante as far as summer blockbusters are concerned.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are Perfect as the young Kirk and Spock but it is Karl Urban as the young Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy who really nails the performance made famous by Deforest Kelly. His ‘Damn it Jim, i’m a doctor not a …. !’ received  a large appreciative laugh at the performance i went to.

Great action, great special effects, great story, great acting. A truly great film.

JJ Abrams, live long and prosper.

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