The Flat Earth society. Are they for Real? Yes they are!

For the past few weeks i have been amusing myself by visiting the website of the flat earth society

Initially i assumed that the site was some kind of wind up. I mean, who in this day and age really believes that the world is flat. Well apparantly some peopleĀ  still do.

The society had several thousand followers prior to the 1950s, but as satellites began beaming photographs of a round earth back to us, the numbers quickly took a nosedive.

The remaining followers were told that the photographs were faked and there was an elaborate Governement/NASA conspiracy at work keeping the truth from us.

This is the mindset that pervades the few souls who still cling on this belief.

Reading through the flat earth forums it soon becomes apparant that no amount of reasoning or proof will convince these people. They have an explanation for everything.

Photographs/Videos are faked. Scientists are part of the conspiracy and only they know the truth. We on the other handĀ are mindless automotons, willing to accept any thing our Governement throws at us.

A flat earth believer on the forum gave his thoughts on why he believes the world is flat.

“It seems to me that all the pictures of the Earth from space are 2 dimensions, its always seen on a computer screen or paper. It is all 2D Maybe the reason is it is flat. Please brothers what do you think about this.”

You really couldnt make it up !!

For futher info check this out

Peace. BH

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