Massacre at Bluff Creek!!

Almost to the day of the great bigfoot Hoax fiasco of August 2008, comes another story which sadly is very real. Bigfoot  researcher MK Davis  had gained much respect with his stabilisation of the Patterson/Gimlin film. This can be found here.

However, he has been continuing his research upon the film and  the word was that he had found something truly remarkable, something that had been overlooked by every other person who had studied the 40 year old footage. This ‘revelation’ would  indeed shock many people and shake  the bigfoot community to its core.

What is this much heralded revelation I here you say?

Well, apparently, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were involved in a massive cover up in which groups of men gunned down a “tribe” of Bigfoot late in October 1967. The famed October 20, 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage, according to Davis, is merely the deceptive end result of the killing fields.

His supporters also add that John Green, a true legend in the field of bigfoot research, was at the scene  to clean up the body parts of the dead bigfoot. They back up their hypothesis with ‘photographic’ evidence.

This is highly slanderous to the likes of Bob Gimlin and John Green.

For an indepth examination please make your way to

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