Soldiers hear Bigfoot?

Another Bigfoot encounter reported via my website. Many Thanks to Curtis Hinten for taking the time out and sending me this.
I am 55 yrs. old now but when I was in Yakima, Washington in the U.S Army we were on survival training (about 28-30 yrs. old at the time) in Yakima Valley my friend & fellow soldier were camped out by ourselves with no one else around for miles and we heard the loudest monkey like howls, grunts and screams you could ever hear. It seems as it was getting closer and closer to our tent. We locked and loaded our rifles but were scared stiff. We also smelled the terrible odor that researchers had been saying accompanied big foot. We even heard the heavy footsteps. This went on until almost morning. We were both so frightened we said if anything got to close to our tent we would fire away. In the morning we packed up and continued on with our training but did not see any prints or evidence of our nightly visitor. We told other soldiers approximately 3 days later after we had finished our training and was back with everyone else what had happened and our company 1st Sgt. stated that the most bigfoot sightings had been in yakima valley where were had been going through training. I someday want to go back to yakima valley and look for bigfoot.

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