Nazis, Book burning and Bigfoot!

The bigfoot community is a large disparate group of individuals and societies, each with their own views and opinions. As a result there are always disagreements.

During the early days of Bigfoot research when the four ‘horsemen of Sasquatchdom’ reigned supreme, the main points of disagreements was whether a bigfoot should be shot and killed in order to prove that it exists. Grover Krantz felt that only a body would convince the skeptical scientific community whereas Peter Byrne always maintained that bigfoot is more Human than Animal so to shoot one to prove that it exists would be criminal.

Later on, Erik Beckjord argued that bigfoot is a paranormal shape shifting being and poured scorn on those who who believed in a flesh and blood explanation for bigfoot. He became a bit of a nuisance on the various bigfoot forums.

Even today there there is a some animosity towards Matt Moneymaker and his BFRO website.

I personally have always stayed clear of such arguments. I respect other peoples opinions and views, even if i dont agree with them.

However, i came across something on a website i often visit. is a website run by Loren Coleman, and in yesterdays blog he wrote an article about a 10 minute Youtube rant by the two individuals who run a website called In it they hurl abuse at Coleman and BFRO supremo Matt Moneymaker, and indulge in a bit of old fashioned NAzi book burning along the way. Loren Colemans book ‘Bigfoot! The true story of Apes in America’, to be exact.

Loren Coleman is a highly respected author and cryptozoologist. I spoke to him via e-mail many years ago and he was a true gentleman. His book on Tom Slick is one of my favourite reads. So i felt that i had to give my two pennies worth here.

These two individuals appear to disagree with the contents of Lorens book. But rather than write a critical review on their website they produce a 10 minute long diatribe of personal hate. Firstly aimed at Loren and then Matt Moneymaker. I do not know what their problem is with Matt, perhaps anyone reading this can enlighten me.

They go on about how they are the ‘best bigfoot trackers in the world’ in the manner of young school children proclaiming that ‘my dad is betting than your dad’!!

People who are truly good at what they do, do not shout about it from the highest roof top. (unless your a third rate wannabee with delusions of grandeur)

Their reputation has taken a battering as seen by the subsequest entries in their guestbook. Perhaps not what they envisaged.

Think about it, if you wanted someone to investigate a bigfoot sighting, who would you most likely call, a serious focused, respected bigfoot research group or Beavis and Butthead.

 The link to Colemans article and the video can be found here.

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