More excitement regarding Yeti Hairs.

Deos the Yeti suffer from Split ends?

Deos the Yeti suffer from Split ends?

Could the mystery of the Yeti finally be solved? A few hair strands supplied to the BBC by a napalese man have proven impossible to identify.

Dipu Marek found the hairs deep in the jungle after a forrestry worker had seen the yeti on three conseqative days.

In England, highly sophisticated microscopes were used to examine the hairs and by a process of elimination the indiginous animals of that region were discarded as being the source.

The tests were carried out at Oxford Brookes University in central England with award-winning primatologist Anna Nekaris and microscopy expert Jon Wells from the university’s anthropology department.

Ian Redmiond a primatologist and senior consultant for the UN’s Great Ape Survival Project has said that the Hairs are ‘potentially very exciting’ and along with Nekaris, agree there is “every chance” they could belong to an unknown species of primate.

Another exciting aspect is that the hairs contain identifiable follicles which means that there are cells present. As a result the hairs are being subjected to a more thorough DNA analysis.

Watch this space..

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