Bigfoot body. Big Hoax?

A Hoax exposed?

A Hoax exposed?

After the initial excitement that the two Georgia men may well have captured the body of a dead bigfoot, the tone is now markedly mooted. The BFRO website has described the find as another of Tom Biscardis Hoaxes and lets us know why and how the hoax was perpetrated.

The BFRO have no love for Tom Biscardi. They say he is a man with little credibility, whose aim in life is to make a quick buck. Apparantly he has been caught out before.

The Dead bigfoot in the freezer is they say, a bigfoot costume that one can purchase from a novelty costume shop. The head of the costume does bear a remarkable similarity to the head of the dead bigfoot!

The press conference is approaching ever nearer so if this is a hoax and i believe it is then this begs the question, will the press conference even take place? And what about those DNA samples that were taken?

Soon, one way or the other all will be revealed.

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