Bigfoot press conference fuels hoax theory.

The press conference came and went and we are all none the wiser. Biscardi did his usual showmanship act. Self publicising himself at every opportunity. It did show that this has all the hallmarks of a scam and Mr Biscardi is indeed running the proceedings and the other two characters are merely the bit players, going along with the ride hoping they will get some payoff that Biscardi has no doubt promised them.

Earlier Biscardi had said “We’ll release the DNA analysis, and we’ll have the body right next to the two boys…then you can see it’s real, that its not bullshit.”

The DNA threw up nothing ‘surprising’. The body was conspicous by its absence and yes the whole press conference had the aroma of bullshit. Of the variety emanating from Biscardis mouth.

The full press conference can be found here

The top bigfoot websites have also been carefully following the story and keeping a skeptical but interested eye on proceedings. They have a lot of good information regarding the hoax.

Click on the links to read more. The first lady of Bigfoot, Autumn williams’ excellent Bigfoot site Website of my favourite Bigfoot Author. Perhaps the first website to espouse the Hoax theory

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