The Monster Hunter – Episode 1

Just watched the first episode of a new series here in the UK called The Monster Hunter. The host is Josh Gates and in this weeks episode he travelled to Malaysia in search of an apelike creature that had been seen by various people. Gates and his film crew spent a night in the remote jungle and came back with a footprint of an unknown creature and a recording of a distant growling noise.

All in all an interesting program.

However, i did have a couple of reservations.

Firstly, why deos Josh Gates refer to the Malaysian creature as Bigfoot? Bigfoot is the North American variety, just like the Yeti is the Himalayan apeman and Yowie the Australian equivalent. It would seem absurd if some Sherpa film crew descended in Northern California looking for the ‘Yeti.’

Secondly, i found the fast frenetic editing very offputting. No scene lasted more than a few seconds before it jumped to the next, and Gates’ continous ramblings did begin to get a bit annoying.

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